Two Reasons that I Love Autumn! (Psst - One is the Mountain Apple Spice Candle! Yumm!)

Two Reasons that I Love Autumn! (Psst - One is the Mountain Apple Spice Candle! Yumm!)

The warm summer days have faded away to frosted mornings and crisp leaves. We are preparing our gardens and yards for the harvest season with winter knocking on the door. The yellowing leaves on the willow and gently quaking aspen remind me that my time is quickly running out to finish my preparations! I do have to admit my favorite part of the autumn season is all the warm and cozy scents and festive decor. It always seems to bring a sense of anticipation of friends and family gathering for the holiday season.

I am sharing two favorites from my home with you today! Each spring, my hydrangea bush blooms the most glorious, full, bright blooms that last all season long. This year, we were surprised by a short May snowstorm that dumped thirteen inches in 10 hours! This shocked all the plants in our yards that had already started blooming for the season, including my hydrangeas. We finally received our blooms late in the season, almost in August! Needless to say, I am pretty pleased to be playing with these flowers today. 

Look at my poor Willow and Aspen! Eeek! Just looking at this picture hurts. Let me tell you that Weeping Willow has been through the wringer. When we first planted this tree, it had such awful wind burn the top had to be removed. After this snowfall, one of the main shoots on the Aspen and branches on the Willow broke due to heavy, wet snow. Just to show the resilience of these beautiful trees, both are fine and dandy now going into the winter season. And yes, there is a pink flamingo right in the middle of our yard! She was not liking the snow either!

I found this sweet little one-day autumn project to extend the enjoyment of your fall blooms (I know I sure could use some extra time with my flowers!) Follow along to this “easy as pie” tutorial from Garden Therapy & show us your autumn wreaths!

Now, no fall project would be complete without your home filled with your favorite scent! I lit the Mountain Apple Spice Mini Tin candle and made myself a fresh pot of coffee (although I think a yummy caramel apple cider would have paired better!) I can’t get over how delicious that candle smells. It reminds me of waking up on a crisp morning right in the heart of my favorite season, autumn. Filled with cinnamon, clove, and all my favorite mulled cider scents. YUMMM!


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