My Top 8 Summer Amazon Finds

My Top 8 Summer Amazon Finds

Anybody else pumped for Prime Days? In honor of one of our favorite summer holidays, I’m sharing some of my favorite Amazon orders as of late. Here’s to scoring some great Prime Day deals!

  1. That one time my HVAC went out in the middle of July. I could not get this delivered fast enough.

  2. Speaking of the July heat, this was added to my cart last minute and I have been pleasantly surprised!

  3. The perfect summer multipurpose balm to keep in your purse.

  4. Keeping the theme of summer, my back recently got a bit too much sun, so these were a must to keep that sunburn itch as bay. You’re probably laughing, but next time your back itches, you will wish you had one. :)

  5. Summer vacation is coming up later this month, so I ordered this cure camera bag that can also double as a purse.

  6. Hot pink phone case to accessorize for the summer.

  7. I recently binge-organized my bathroom and this has been a useful (and decorative) addition to my vanity.

  8. Best Aunt-Dee Dee buy ever. My niece is obsessed.


If you want to see more of my recs, check out my last Amazon Lately post.

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