How To: Making Your Own Candles

How To: Making Your Own Candles

“Andee, how hard is it to make your own handcrafted candles?”

That’s the #1 Question I get asked by you. And today, I am going to share a little behind the scenes look into how I make these best-selling, cozy candles. Heads up, it is a LOT of time and testing, but it is FUN! While this is not a full tutorial on how to make candles, I have listed some tips I have learned. I hope this gives you a little glimpse into the work and effort to make these amazing candles for you. And if you want to give it a shot yourself, I have some great resources for you at the bottom, so stay tuned!

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  • Making candles involves a lot of chemistry and math! Don’t let this scare you away. It is fun to learn how the wax, fragrance oil, vessels, and different sizes of wicks combine to make either an amazing smelling candle or a dud. I’ve made a few duds, which is why it is important to test, test, test!

  • Don’t buy your ingredients at a local crafts store. Choose an online candle company that offers a quality starter kit.

  • Any vessel will work. Find something around your house that you can upcycle and create a beautiful new candle.

  • Learn by watching YouTube tutorials and joining community Facebook groups. There are many great resources out there! Don’t be afraid to reach out to fellow makers and ask questions.

  • And of course, if you want to simply make a few candles for a fun afternoon activity with your kids, it is a fun and educational activity for them too.

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The biggest thing to remember is to be patient, learn, and HAVE FUN!

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