How To: Fall Floral Arrangements

How To: Fall Floral Arrangements

I may have a slight obsession with houseplants. There is something about greenery and florals that just bring an extra bit of cozy to your home.

A few years ago, I decided to make my own faux floral arrangements because so many of the store bought pieces just looked plastic and fake. I have several that I use for each season and so many of my house guests have asked if these arrangements are real.

Today, I’m sharing my step by step tutorial so you can try your hand at floral arranging. It’s fun and there are so many ways to make each design unique!

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What you’ll need:

  1. Faux florals - Hobby Lobby has these on sale for 50% off every other week. They have a good selection and many styles that look beautifully realistic.

  2. Mason Jar (or another glass vase)

  3. Wire Cutters

  4. Plastic knife or spoon (for stirring)

  5. Quick Water - I usually suggest buying 2 so you’ll have enough. you can find this at Hobby Lobby or Amazon.

  1. Arrange your flowers in the vase how you want them. Most likely, you will need to trim some (or all) of the stems to make the arrangement look cohesive. Sometimes, I like a simple arrangement with one style of flower and then sometimes, I like to add in a bit of wildflower accents to round it out.

  2. Once you like your design and height of the florals, take them out of the vase and set aside.

3. The Quick Water is designed to simulate fresh water. It is made of acrylic and takes about 24 hours to completely set. Pour both parts A and B into the vase.

4. Take your plastic knife or spoon and stir! Be patient here. I recommend stirring (slowly) for 3-5 minutes. This gets rid of the bubbles and helps both parts of the acrylic meld together and set properly.

5. Once done stirring, rearrange your flowers into the vase, making sure the stems are submerged in the acrylic water.

6. Allow the mixture to set for 24 hours and you’re all done. Now you have a realistic flower arrangement that will last forever!

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