From Fatigued to Fresh in Under Five Minutes {Easy and Natural Makeup When You’re in a Hurry}

From Fatigued to Fresh in Under Five Minutes {Easy and Natural Makeup When You’re in a Hurry}

Today, I am sharing with you a SIMPLE, QUICK, and NATURAL makeup routine you can do in under 5 min. Post pandemic, we are all experiencing more virtual meetings - whether it be a parent-teacher conference, work meeting, book club, or just catching up with family that lives far away. While I do NOT think you have to apply makeup to be beautiful, I enjoy the extra confidence boost it gives me and that shines through when I’m hosting a work meeting, business dinner, or just out with friends.

I love experimenting with makeup, but below are the products I reach for when I need something that is quick and simply accentuates my natural features. These 5 products are my time-tested favorites. I’ve also included a super-quick video tutorial for your 3 minute makeup routine (yes, 3 minutes!) that will leave you feeling fresh and ready to face the day. So here is your guide to going from Fatigued to Fresh in under Five!

Before and After

Your MakeUp Capsule Recommendations

  1. MAC Long-Wear Foundation- I hosted a small group book study one night last year and a friend asked me about my foundation and mentioned it looked like I just did my makeup. It was 8:00pm! What a sweet compliment and I have now converted a friend to this foundation. It is a natural medium coverage foundation. For those that don’t normally wear makeup, this is a great all-around one and done. I usually apply with a makeup sponge. This one is inexpensive and my favorite!

  2. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish- I use this light powder all over for a soft and finished look. Any powder makeup brush will work great.

  3. Nars Bronzer and Blush Combo - Who doesn’t love a combo palette? This bronzer adds the perfect contour and summer glow and the blush is a classic favorite that looks beautiful on any skin tone.

  4. Thrive Mascara - I consider myself a mascara snob because I cannot stand flaky, clumpy eyelashes. This mascara is a game changer. If I could only wear one piece of make-up each day, this mascara would be it.

  5. Lip Balm - Clinique Triple Lip Balm provides hydration, tint, and shine. I am using the dragon fruit color and it’s perfect for the natural look with a touch of pink.

Here is a quick video tutorial for you. Cheers to feeling and looking fresh!

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