6 Houseplants that are Easy to Maintain and Provide a Healthier Home

6 Houseplants that are Easy to Maintain and Provide a Healthier Home

One of my missions at HartDesignCo is to provide you with ways to bring an extra bit of heart to your home. Today, I am sharing with you one of my favorite and easiest ways to add coziness and joy to my home utilizing houseplants. It’s also a bonus that many of these plants can be easily propagated. Combine them with one of my hand poured candles, and you’ve got the perfect housewarming gift.

  1. Chinese Evergreen - I’ve had this plant around for several years, and while you do occasionally have to treat it for brown spots, it is an easy plant to care for and keep healthy. I water about once a week and it sits in afternoon partial sun. It symbolizes fortune and prosperity

2. African Milk Tree - This plant was gifted to me by my dad and he has had his African Milk Tree for 40+ years! We simply snipped 3 of the stalks and I immediately planted them in soil and placed in the sun. They have grown quite a lot! When propagating this plant, make sure to wear gardening gloves as the milky sap can be a skin irritant. I water this plant about every 2 weeks and place it in full morning sun. It symbolizes protection and wisdom.

3. Rubber Plant - This plant is one of my favorites because it is low maintenance and always looks beautiful. I water once a week in the summer and once every 10-12 days in the winter. The Rubber Plant also symbolizes friendliness and happiness.

4. ZZ Plant - I have divided this plant several times and given it to friends and neighbors. It’s a simple process of just cutting a stalk, placing in a vase of water for a few months. Once it starts to develop roots, you can plant it and watch it thrive. I give it full morning sun and water once a week.

5. Snake Plant - This one is resistant to almost all pests and diseases, making it perfect for those with brown thumbs or just starting to learn about houseplant care. I water about once every 10-12 days and it sits in morning sun. It’s also known as Mother-in-law’s Tongue and Saint George’s Sword. NASA scientists have found that this plant can release oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide, which increases the concentration of ions in the air. This can strengthen brain activity, improve work efficiency, and help improve your quality of sleep.

6. Corn Plant - I’ve had this plant for years as well. It takes partial sun and light watering once a week. This is in the Dracena family and it just feels a bit tropical to me. It also symbolizes perseverance and longevity.

As always, before you purchase a houseplant, make sure it is pet friendly. I use this resource from the ASCPA.

Enjoy friends!

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